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Oxygen Concentrators are NOT FOR SALE. This is only for patients with valid doctor prescription and blood oxygen value (SPO2) below 95.

About the Initiative:

A consortium of US and Kolkata based non-profit organizations came together to fight the 2nd COVID wave through HelloBeta program. A 24x7 manned call centre has been set up in Kolkata (www.hellobeta.in) and furthermore extending help in rural parts of West Bengal to help the Covid affected patients by providing them the oxygen support, medical care and teleconferencing with the team of doctors.

HelloBeta is a platform created and conceptualized by MUKTI, during the 1st wave of COVID in Kolkata. This is a online platform, is being operated through call centre to accept requests from patients’ families & representatives and coordinate with the warehouse and background verification team to facilitate the collection of oxygen concentrators.

To extend help to the affected patients, HelloBeta call centre team has been formed with members from MUKTI and RHCF. MUKTI and RHCF would be engaged in distributing oxygen concentrators to patients’ families and ensuring their return once the need for oxygen therapy ceases. Both organisations have engaged their team to form the warehouse and background verification team.

Additionally, medical kits with a set of predefined medicines are being procured and made available to people showing symptoms cannot afford or access to health care. We are also considering other ways we can help for example - isolation wards with oxygen supplies, etc. Our goal is to ensure the benefit reaches to the greatest number of people who are in real need during this pandemic situation.

About Breathe Consortium:

The Breathe Consortium has been formed with number of reputed and renowned nonprofit orgnizations from US and India.

MUKTI is a renowned Kolkata based organization. MUKTI is having extensive operations in 200+ villages, empowering 30K women through self-help groups and financial assistance, empowering 8000+ farmers, educating 5000+ children, sponsoring college of 200+ students every year. Executed 500+ medical camps in collaboration with RHCF during Cyclone Amphan.

Rural Health Care Foundation (RHCF), who has served more than 2.5 million patients served till date through 18 medical centres, 30+ national and international awards, studied by Harvard & Yale business schools.

Bay Area Prabasi: One of the oldest (close to 5 decades) and most recognized Bengali association in the heart of Silicon Valley, connecting the Kolkata and contributing to the community. Have contributed significantly to COVID and “Amphan” causes in India.

Kolkata Foundation is an US-based non-profit with a mission to unite people of Kolkata all over the world to fight poverty in Kolkata. Raised $600K+ since inception (Dec 2017). 800K+ meals provided during COVID/Amphan relief. 25000+ patients helped during Cyclone Bulbul/Amphan.

Kolkata Gives is an umbrella organization of Kolkata-based philanthropists that have raised/deployed 5 Cr. INR to social impact causes over the past 5 years.

We need each one of you with us to help each other and fight this battle together. We are sure that we will together very soon come out of this pandemic situation.

We need you with us. If you want you can can contribute here so we can reach out to every needy people of Kolkata and around.

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