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Oxygen Concentrators are NOT FOR SALE. This is only for patients with valid doctor prescription and blood oxygen value (SPO2) below 95.

How it Works

We are supplying protable Oxygen Concentraors to the patients at home and who need this support due to Covid related disease. This is free of cost service for whom it is a real need.

These below steps show what happens after we get your request which has been duly filled here in this website.

Step 1


A volunteer from our call center will call you to the primary contact of contact person. He/she will talk to you and gather other required details.

Step 2

Payment of Deposit Money:

In order to avoid any fraud and extending this service to many other patients who need it, a deposit money will be requested. Deposit money will be equivlent to the cost of the device. Our volunteer will inform you about this while he/she calls you for verification if we have available device to allocate to the patient. Deposit money will be returned to you within one week time once the device is returned back to us at the designated place. After the verification temporary allocation of device will be done. The payment needs to be received within two hours time after verification, otherwise the device allocation is not guaranteed.

Step 3

Device Allocation:

Once deposit money is received, temporary allocation will be confirmed. You will be notified to pick up the device from kolkata location.

Mukti Warehouse RHCF Warehouse
Mukti City Office, 22 Canal Side Road, Kolkata - 700084 33 Alexandra Court , 63 Chowringhee Road (formerly 60/1 Chowringhee Road), Kolkata, West Bengal 700020
Step 4

Despatch of Device:

You need to come to designated location within 3 hours to pick up along with same identity proof uploaded in website. Device will be allocated for one week only. If you need more than week, then you need to call us to extend the device allocation along with doctor's latest presentation. However, we encourage not to keep more than a week. At any condition device can not be kept with patient for more than 14 days

Step 5

Return of Device:

Once your device is no logner serving the patient against whom it was allocated, you need to come and drop off the device to our designated place. We urge and encourage to return the device as soon as its use is over for your the patient, so that we can distribute the device among others who need it.

Step 6

Return of Deposit Money:

Once device is returned within due date without any damage, your deposit money will be returned within one week time. If there is any damage to the device, appropriate money will be deducted from deposit money based on our assessment. If device is kept more than reasonable time after its usage has ended, a considerable rental charge will be applicable. You are responsible for any damage and stolen of device.

We request your thoughtful and sensible usage and behavior so that this help can be extended to many others who need it in this pandemic situation.

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