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Oxygen Concentrators are NOT FOR SALE. This is only for patients with valid doctor prescription and blood oxygen value (SPO2) below 95.

Life Stories

Where there is Hope, there is Life

Confidential, Barasat

Anuradha Roy (not real name) age 35, has been suffering from the Atrial septal defect(ASD) since she was born. For this existing difficulty, she often has shortness of breath. Hence, this pandemic situation is nothing but a huge threat to her. However, despite all possible precaution, she got affected by corona during this second wave of covid 19. Within a few days, her health became unstable and oxygen levels started falling very quickly. With all the uncertainty, her family, friends all started their search for oxygen. From everywhere they only got nothing but a negative response, gradually the unavailability of oxygen made them feel devastated. At that time, suddenly they found a post on social media that Mukti is providing a free oxygen service for COVID impacted families. Without wasting a second they called on Hello Beta helpline number and with the help of the entire team of HelloBeta, within a day, they received an oxygen concentrator for Mrs Anuradha. After getting a continued 10 days of support with this concentrator, Mrs Anuradha has finally attained a standard level of oxygen in her body and gradually recovered from COVID also. Mr Anirban (not the real name) husband of Mrs Anuradha, expressed his gratefulness towards the entire team of Mukti for supporting them in this toughest situation. In Mr Anirban words "Mukti gave us the mental strength to fight back corona with all our hopes, beliefs and positiveness, we will be eternally grateful to all of them."

In Search of Mother's Life

Mrs. Jasoda Halder, Damkal, South 24 Parganad

This is the story of a son lives in Damkal, Mathurapur II whose mother Mrs. Jasoda Halder was suffering from high fever for couple of days. He admitted his mother to the Diamond Harbour Hospital. Doctor kept his mother under oxygen support for two days. After two days when his mother’s condition improved doctor discharged her from the hospital. While she was in hospital Covid test was performed. After they came back he received the report and she was Covid positive. The difficulty in breathing started again and his mother couldn’t sleep for two nights. Late night he and his neighbors were desperately in search of a vehicle to take her to the hospital. His mother was fidgeting for oxygen. He was in need of urgent oxygen support. But he can’t figured out what to do, whom to go for help. Just at that time with word of mouth he came to know that MUKTI is helping covid patients with oxygen concentrator and oximeter. He immediately reached out to Mukti Community Covid Care Unit (MCCCU) at Mukti Gram. Mukti at once provided one concentrator and one oximeter. After few hours his mother started feeling better. His mother was out of danger in few days. This gave him a great relief. Gradually her condition became stable and the machine was returned back to MCCCU. He thanked MUKTI for saving the life of his mother.

When it is Our Own Family Member

Jagannath Jana, Kakdwip, South 24 Parganas

Mr. Jagannath Jana is one of the senior and active volunteers of Mukti. He is a retired school teacher from Kakdwip block. At the age of 70 he was working spontaneously for the covid affected families. He was detected as Covid positive and was running with high fever. On 13th May, 2021 Mukti volunteer Mr. Subhadeep Debta called him and wanted to know about his health condition and assured required support at any time of the day. Mr. Subhadeep asked him if the doctor has advised him for oxygen. At that time his condition was stable so he didn’t need oxygen right. The very next day, 14th May, his oxygen level dropped to 84-86. His family members called Mukti for oxygen support. On immediate basis one oxygen concentrator was brought to his house by Oxygen on Bike team of Mukti Community Covid Care Unit (MCCCU), Kakdwip. They helped the family to set up the concentrator. For three days he breathed with the help of the oxygen concentrator. During that time MCCCU volunteers were constant in touch with him over the phone. Gradually his oxygen level increased to 97. On 17th May when he was fit enough to breathe normally Mukti brought the concentrator back to the unit. His family thanked MUKTI for promot and timely support at the time of extreme need. While working for the poor and needy covid patients MUKTI always takes care of its own team members because life is precious be it known or unknown.

A Light of Hope in the Darkness

Mrs. Maya Sengupta, Bhowanipure, Kolkata

The second wave of COVID is hunting thousands of people in every day. Mrs Maya Sengupta was not spared from this either. Type 2 diabetic patient Mrs Senguta in the age of 71 got infected by Corona. Within a few days, her health became unstable and hospitalized. It reveled that parinet got severe pneumonia conditions with lungs fibrosis. After 9 days of treatment, her condition became somewhat stable and she was released from the hospital. However, doctor strictly recommended 24 hours oxygen support for at least one month. The struggle begun at that point in search of Oxygen Concentrator. Her family members started asking everyone to arrange oxygen support for their mother, bur the search eneded up with hardly any result due to huge demand and crisis. They were helpless with deep frustration. Suddenly a small info opened a door of hope. They dialled 96 96 022 022. Someone from the other side assured them with huge compassion and empathy, that there is nothing to worry about. All of a sudden, entire family regained all the hope! Within few hours, with the help and support of Mukti HelloBeta team, finally, Mr Subhankar (son) and his family successfully brought in the concentrator in their sweet home. After giving constant oxygen support, Mrs Sengupta started to get better and is now gradually recovering. In Mr. Subhankar Sengupta's (son) own words, "I don't know whether God exists or not but angels do, the help they provide to me is unimaginable. Me and my entire family will be eternally grateful for this incredible support from Mukti."

A Call is Enough to Save a Life!

Mrs Kyetaki Bhaumik, Nayachar(Katwa, Purba Bardhaman)

On 18th May, 2021, at 9pm IST, Nayachar(Katwa, Purba Bardhaman), suddenly the phone rang at one of MCCU of MUKTI. One of the volunteers received the call and found out that someone is just imploring for immediate Oxygen support for his mother who is seriously affected by COVID with Oxygen level (SPO2) as 85. Upon getting that information, the Oxygen Concentrator and the medicine kits which are given by MUKTI were instantly delivered to Mrs Kyetaki Bhaumik's(Patient name) home with the exemplary support local volunteers. With a few hours of Oxygen support, her condition became stable. Gradually her body returned to its standard levels of Oxygen again. The availability of the concentrator machine at the right time, in right place and the promptness of those amazing volunteers saves a life with a hope of saving millions such. - Mr Rahul, son of Mrs Kyetaki Bhaumik expressed his gratitude for Mukti and other participating organizations.

Mid Night Delivery Saved The Life!

Confidential, West Baguihati, Kolkata

On 15th May at 10 PM IST, son (Subir, not real name) of the patient called HelloBeta representative. The patient was suffering from COVID and the oxygen level (Spo2) Was 77. His condition was critical. HelloBeta helped him to register all details with no time and oxygen concentrator was allocated for him at Garia warehouse. While HelloBeta representative was processing his details, they also advised Subir to start approaching the warehouse so that he can pick up the device as soon as possible. At 00:00 hour of 16th may, the device was picked up. HelloBeta representative and Mukti trustee were in constant touch until the device was fitted properly at patient's place. The next day morning, the Subir called and messaged HelloBeta that the patient is doing far better and oxygen level reached to 96. He also expressed his gratitude to HelloBeta team for arranging OC so smoothly and very happy as his father is doing good.

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