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Oxygen Concentrators are NOT FOR SALE. This is only for patients with valid doctor prescription and blood oxygen value (SPO2) below 95.

Currently Serving Patients in these Areas

City Details
Bapulibazar, Mathurapur View
Basanti View
Canning View
Chatta Kalikapur Maheshtala (Near Chatta Bus Stop) View
Diamond Harbour View
G Plot, Patharpratima View
Ganeshpur, Kakdwip View
Gosaba View
Hatgacha, Bhangor, WB View
Herambagopalpur, Patharpratima View
Jayatala,Nabagram, Baruipur South 24 Parganas View
Jaynagar View
Kakdwip View
Kasginagar View
Kashinagar View
Krishnachandrapur View
Kultali View
Magrahat-II View
Mandirbazar View
Mondirbazar Hospital View
Nagendrapur View
Naora, Bodra View
Pailan View
Purba Sridharpur, Raidighi View
Radhakantapur, Raidighi View
Raidighi Market View
Rajpur /Sonarpur, Kolkata View
Ramganga View
Sagar Island View
Sandeshkhali View
Satjelia View
Vangar View

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