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Oxygen Concentrators are NOT FOR SALE. This is only for patients with valid doctor prescription and blood oxygen value (SPO2) below 95.

Your Word Says it all

"I would like to immensely thank Mukti NGO for the initiative they have taken to provide Oxygen Concentrators to Covid patients who are desperately in need of Oxygen due to the saturation level randomly falling down. There is nothing that can be more painful to see your nearest and dearest ones suffer in this pandemic and one feels completely lost and helpless when one can do nothing much but to see their closest suffer.We are in a state of complete lockdown and are in a virtual state of medical support collapse where one neither gets beds in hospitals and if they somehow manage to get one they are prone to high risk of getting severely infected. In addition to that oxygen cylinders too aren't easily and regularly available in the market to support seamless home quarantine. The only life saviour is oxygen concentrators where too you don't find them available at medical stores any longer and have a long wait time in order to purchase one.I was soo much disturbed and almost shattered to not know who to approach for help till I met Mr Soumitra Bose, a trustee of the Mukti NGO who immediately went out of his way to extend support through the NGO's initiative. That too on a day when the entire city is under complete lockdown.This is such a life saviour and kindness so very unexpected. I shall forever remain indebted to the Mukti NGO team who are more than God sent at probably our life's most critical hour. We owe so much to Mukti."

- Sumanjit Singh Ahluwalia

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